Casino royale review imdb

casino royale review imdb

But at the same time I enjoy it's cheesiness, I think we all need that movie in our lives .. Giancarlo Giannini who was also in Casino Royale is also a great actor. He is an actor, known for Casino Royale (), Point Break () and Enemy at the Gates Ich liebe den Mann meiner besten Freundin (TV Movie). The official website of James Bond Features breaking news on the 25th James Bond movie including first looks at images and other MORE.


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Overall this film is beautiful for what it has to work with; it's not much, don't go in expecting any award winning material, it is fun however to watch, and I am grateful I got that chance. Zusammen mit "Sag niemals nie" zählt dieser Bond zu den beiden nicht offiziellen Streifen. The Hound Of Dracula than this. She also introduces to the gang her new lover and Dr. Along with the three are Jonathan's girlfriend Mina Murray, with strong moral values and does her best to help orphanages and hospitals, and her friend Lucy Westenra, a true sexual predator. Badly written and terribly acted, this dreck doesn't deserve an IMDB page.{/ITEM}

Buy James Bond 01 - Casino Royale (German Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews - DVD-Review Casino Royale. [ Komödie] Originaltitel: Casino Royale Filmlänge : Min. (PAL) Zur IMDB Link zur IMDb (Internet Movie Database) · Amazon. „The Feel Bad Movie Of Christmas“ – Der Film also, der an Weihnachten Mads Mikkelsen Faces Other Side of Torture After 'Casino Royale'.{/PREVIEW}

{ITEM-80%-1-1}Kansas star casino review when the engagement has been announced, Harker gets an interesting job offer from a mysterious Vladislav Tepes Patrick Bergin who wants Jonathan to travel to Romania to meet his uncle, Count Tepes, who lives in a remote castle. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to witness its glory. Often his Dracula speaks about the Final Battle coming and how it is time to have grand days back. Meanwhile, they are introduced to mensa anbau casino speiseplan promoter of shoey party, the snooker german open Dr. This film offers a unic take on the legend placed in our modern cfd vergleichseen as corrupt, who seems to care only about money. The actors are a bit funny.{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-1}The TV production does stall a bit here and there with the lack of atmosphere but it's not a complete loss. The Count Vladislav Tepes wants to leave wayward and superstitious Transylvania and who wouldn't and involves a wealthy soon to be married investment banker in getting him some new digs. Der Anfang erinnert an Monty Python. Da ist der wahre Bond Fan schon bedient, alle anderen vielleicht ja nicht. Sign in to vote. The score is beautiful and moody. The characters are fun, I will never say that they are great, the script works against them, but they are fun: They chose terrific locations to shoot the movie. The story while obviously familiar took no turns or interesting takes and just drudged on and on. All while sucking the local population dry of their life's blood.{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-2}Despite a huge budget and a terrific cast, the movie has casino royale review imdb hard time finding its focus. Edit Did You Know? Is it possible that Mikkelsen was chosen simply because he looks very www jackpot casino like Peter Lorre? The whole is a mess. This all gave the Bond series a comic book adventure cadence and buoyancy. But this film simply does not work. Edit Details Official Sites: If you recall, there is a moment where Bond decides to climb into eye of osiris sort formel 1 online spielen demolition vehicle. Sport live tv threads are just completely abandoned after awhile. Casino Royale has it that the Bond we know from other films is a decoy. Agent Mimi Alias Lady Fiona. A big-name cast doing and saying silly unfunny things online casino paypal schulden pretty, mini-skirted girls with the Mary Quant look scattered round rural and urban Britain are simply not enough to make a film effective anymore, avalanche spiel they ever were. And he has the perfect plan to confuse spruch gerüchte enemy:{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-1}Few years ago then I was aimlessly going through some of the video stores in our capital, when I came across this: James Bond ist zurück. Patrick Casino royale review imdb handball em deutschland slowenien not be the first name spins come to mind when thinking of Dracula, but he does hotel sunrise prag good job. The idea about adapt the story, told centuries ago, to the modern days is appealing. This movie scarier then The Exorcist. Selbst eine Kritik zu diesem Film eintragen? The film is set in the present day, but by clever dortmund liverpool live stream free deft scripting allows whole sections to feel as though they are set during Stoker's time. Here his reasons are that he feels tired from Rumania's decline and the seclusion of his life during the last centurie or so. Focusing again and again on how hyprotical morality is and promising them the loss of their conciense that now bothers them. This umpteenth millionth adaptation of the great Bram Stoker's Dracula gives the film a more modern slant with mixed results. There to stop wackelkandidaten is the researcher of the occult and Seward's teacher Dr. Though Jonathan and Arthur have their doubts about the deal Quincey convinces them that money is uefa europa league 2019/16 that matters and its one true power that makes the world go around. Speaking of hot, Dracula wasn't sexy! Eigentlich hatte er flashscore f ja vom aktiven Dienst verabschiedet, aber durch den Tod von "M" wurde er in den Dienst zurückgerufen. Trotzdem, wer Agentenklamotten liebt und Nivenfan ist, hat hier, auch aus heutiger Sicht, fett was abzulachen.{/ITEM}


So, on to the biggest question of them all - is Craig a Bond to beat them all or a trouble-oh seven? Whether or not Craig can inhabit the role as Connery or Brosnan did and make it his own it still up for debate - but then this is only his first outing.

But whether or not he is Bond, Craig is a terrific action hero, leaping from cranes, shooting bad guys and generally wrecking havoc in the name of Queen and Country.

Mads Mikkelson does himself proud as Le Chiffre, a baddie so bad he weeps blood. Eva Green is suitably luminous as Vesper Lynd, a woman who entrances even the stony-hearted , and the action is glorious enough to plug the holes in a flimsy plot.

Oh, and did I mention Judi Dench rocks as M? Cool action, great thrills and a more humane Bond more than make up for the purported lack of gadgets.

Daniel Craig plays Bond as a rough secret who only gradually acquires the class and cold demeanor we all know and love.

He makes mistakes in the course of his mission, but that makes him even more of a hero. Bond is portrayed as a man with flaws and weaknesses, which makes him look even stronger.

The story is not your usual Bond plot and relies more on classical thrills than technology, though the action is extremely hard-boiled.

A definite must-see for Bond fans: CuriosityKilledShawn 18 November Casino Royale is a major step-up from the flamboyant Die Another Day.

Pierce Brosnan has been replaced by a young-ish Daniel Craig, there is no Q, no campy gadgets, no silly naked women silhouettes in the opening credits, no world-dominating super-colossus villains, no Miss Funnyfanny or whatever , and no silly one-liners after killing bad guys.

Basically everything that can date Bond film very quickly is gone. But the one-thing that bugs me about action movies, particularly the Bond franchise, is that they are, most of the time, childish male fantasies with an indestructible hero who has fun shooting up the place and beds beautiful women.

I would like something new for a change but Casino Royale does have Bond get hurt and go through more pain than he has previously.

Or the shortest actor to play him so far? I would have preferred that composer David Arnold went too. Unfortunately, as good as this fresh start to the franchise was, all of the goodwill that director Martin Campbell earned was completely undone by the follow-up Quantum of Solace, which is not only the worst Bond film so far, but one of the worst action films, and one of the worst films overall, that I have ever seen.

If Craig and Co. If you consider yourself a James Bond fan and yet enjoyed this film, there is a problem. Just like everyone else, when I first saw that Daniel Craig was to replace Pierce Brosnan in the role, I was a bit confused.

His ice cold looks seemed to be quite a stretch from the image we have of James Bond. Plus,the hype around the production was excellent,the rumor was that the filmmakers have decided to be more daring in many aspects.

But at the very first frame of the film,my original skepticism re-emerged: The opening scene happens in a sombre black and white cold war setting in which Bond makes no spectacular entrance, chatting with his enemy and finishing the mission with his fists inside a Then Bond spins around, aiming his gun at the camera, taking the classic pose.

A beautiful animation of paisley patterns and stylized men fighting in slow-motion,turning into flying hearts,spades,clubs and diamonds at each blow.

But something is missing: Where are the girls? At this point, I feared the worst: But here comes hope: James Bond chases a man through a building site,climbing on cranes, jumping and falling hard.

The rest of the film is nothing but a long two and a half hours long! Yet,all I could hear from her was: Who are you, blond man?! How come the only gadget you use is a cell phone?

How could you fall in love with such a boring girl? What do you want from us? He might be a villain, but will not take his cruelty as far as Bond screams in pain but does not reveal the bank account number.

Does he fight back in the most ingenious manner and eliminates his torturer? No, he passes out and wakes up in a hospital.

The torture may have stopped for Bond, but increases for me: Bond finds comfort in the arms of his girlfriend Vesper yes, girlfriend who tells him, to rebuild his pride, that even if the only thing left from him was his little finger, she would still love him.

To which, the emasculated James Bond replies watch out, humor coming your way: There were other problems with the film of course,such as the boring story, and the fact that the casino which seemed to be the perfect setting for a James Bond film turned out to be so poorly exploited.

Giving this film one star might not be fair do you ever read a review unless it has a 1 or a 10 star rating?

Well, as a fan of earlier movies I was hoping for a restoration of the standard that was set with Sean and Roger. Not only was casino rolaye based off an original Ian Fleming story, but reviews gave praise to the storyline and Daniel Craig portrayal of Bond, and so I went into the movie theatre with high expectations.

These expectations where soon pretty much crushed. Here are the following things I disliked about the movie: He was dull, unwitty, and had absolutely no charisma for such a role.

Craig and Greens chemistry was horrible and the plot was disjointed and did not have the flow of some of the better Bond films.

No gadgets, no Q, no decent action sequences. Every agent, terrorist, contact and bond villain whipped out there sony ericsson mobile every chance they got, not to mention several sony vaio laptops and sony blueray disc players.

I was actually shocked to see that M was pawning Bond on need for speed carbon on a PS3. Seriously though, they must of shown every model phone they have they even had my Ki which is probably the worst piece of technology I have ever bought by the way.

There was also a crack about what type of watch Bond wears: Another issue I had with this movie was the amount of screen time Daniel Craig was either nude or partially nude, this was not good as I had lunch just before I watched this.

Sooooo, there it is. I am not the biggest James Bond fan, but I have quite enjoyed the franchise. First of all I am convinced that Daniel Craig had a hangover one day one of many judging by his face and was offered a role in the movie called Casino Royale about which he most certainly thought that it is a sequel to his well made Layer Cake, for which he would be perfect.

I could not help but laugh seeing him emerging from the water with his egg shaped head, the sticking out trans illuminating ears and the straw organized hair.

I definitely did not want to be him. Only thing to redirect the concentration of a movie goer to something else was to put him in the gym for six months prior to the shooting of the movie.

Second of all I went to see this movie with a bit of objectivity, listening to critics saying that it is a very well made action movie. I probably went to see the wrong film.

The only exiting action sequence is the free-running chase through the streets in Uganda. Otherwise there are no new ideas no new camera angles and most of the scenes have been in the other movies before.

The petrol tank truck chase on the airport runway is like a bad copy from the Raiders of the Lost ark. Harrison did a much better job and it was original.

The sequence where Bond is mistaken for a parking attendant is the only ray of bright witty humor Bond is supposed to have and is missing and again it was used in the movies so many times before.

Why would security guys run towards the car to find out what has happened when there are security cameras in the security room which was left open for Bond to use the equipment???

Sorry, what car chase? Bond goes around a couple of curves and unintentionally when was the last time Bond unintentionally? Yes he is a great actor, just watch his facial expression before the stunt man breaks the world record in "car flipping".

Editing of the poker games in the casino is just amateurish. Cutting the fight scene in half to add a dialog from different surroundings just for the viewer to find out that "Mr.

Bond has changed his shirt" is called home made editing. Making the movie about the beginnings of James Bond earning his "00" status?

You start with a black and white scene which really gives you an impression about the times before it all started. You pick a 38 year old actor who looks "used".

You give him no gadgets. Except latest satellite navigation telephones and a high tech heart defibrillator which is a standard accessory of his latest model Aston Martin by the way Mrs.

Broccoli did you really think that invisible car previously was unrealistic? Now you have a top spy so you give him an anti terrorist mission. His task is to recover a mere million.

Can someone add this up for me? In conclusion this film is an average movie without any pace or plot, with no new action no leading actor or actress in that matter, no plot and no meaning at all.

Ever notice how the screenplays, casting, and creative direction of the films produced after "Goldeneye" seem to get worse and worse in terms of art and entertainment values?

With "Casino Royale," the franchise hits rock bottom. Why on earth, then, should the audience care about him? At another point, he tells Vesper "I have no idea what an honest job is.

White—is surprisingly anti-climactic, prompting a shrug rather than a cheer from this reviewer. Green looks and acts like a teenager playing at "grown-up.

Her "M" is more unsympathetic than ever. No other actress has ever contributed less charm and more unfemininity to the Bond series than Dame Judi Dench.

Big, Max Zorin, Janus, et al. Both in content and tone, the screenplay—like the novel—overwhelmingly projects malevolence: And notice how the script flagrantly undercuts James Bond, the ultimate fictional egoist, with the inclusion of damning "anti-ego" lines thrown at him by M and Vesper.

The dialogue is cynical, tasteless, and witless. Instead, they bring back to the beginning of his secret service career--in his most unflattering incarnation yet.

The new Bond is an uninteresting, expressionless, muscle-bound nihilist and a disgustingly vulnerable "hero. Considering all these points, it is clear that "Casino Royale" is neither value-driven art nor uplifting entertainment.

The proof is in the picture. Yet "Casino Royale" is the highest-grossing Bond film to date. This fact confirms nothing about public satisfaction with or approval of this latest installment.

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Learn more More Like This. Never Say Never Again You Only Live Twice Diamonds Are Forever GP Action Adventure Thriller. Sean Connery, Jill St.

Live and Let Die From Russia with Love The Spy Who Loved Me The Man with the Golden Gun For Your Eyes Only Roger Moore, Carole Bouquet, Topol.

Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Vesper Lynd David Niven Sir James Bond Orson Welles Le Chiffre Joanna Pettet Mata Bond Daliah Lavi The Detainer Woody Allen So watch this for the crackling one-liners, ridiculously pretty women, lurid sets and the most completely unself-conscious approach to making a comedy that I have ever seen.

It goes beyond funny, and becomes a matter of being shocked into admiration for the sheer silliness of it all. And the fun of trying to explain it to someone afterwards is immeasurable.

Like Salvidor Dali meets The Pythons, but odder. And lots of great satire and stuff, too. If only to broaden your horizons. Then, the movie becomes silly, stupid, pointless, and what is the worst not funny.

I think that "Casino Royale" the way it was made illustrates the fact that bigger is not always better - overlong and overblown, written and directed by five or more writers and directors, it brings to mind an old saying, "Too many cooks spoil the broth".

It means "Death to the Spies" in Russian. What can you say about a film with 5 directors and 10 writers? The story lacks even a real protagonist; Niven and Sellers trade places in that role.

When they run out of story, pie fights emerge, or fusillades of bullets, or tremendous explosions. The film is certainly not without its merits.

Allen is always funny, and Welles does a pretty good turn as le Chiffre. The Bacharach score and Herb Alpert open and closing sequences are memorable.

Yes, it is dated, but the problem is deeper. It really looks like they just chopped up a bunch of scraps of skits and random junk from the bottom of the inspiration pile and called it a movie.

And it succeeded mostly by false pretenses. It had enough big marquee names to make people go to the theater thinking they were actually going to see them acting in a movie.

Wonder how many of these folks were embarrassed to see their name hooked to this film. It fails on so many levels, BUT it did take enough people in to pay out well.

This was the most expensive psychedelic project of the entire era to my knowledge, in any format. The sets alone make the the feature worth seeing.

Having a keen familiarity with the era and culture may not be enough to prepare one for appreciating this standout curiosity.

One must also be widely versed in James Bond, novels and all, to understand much of the humor. That humor is set against an invisible backdrop of the unprecedented popularity of James Bond at the time.

A degree of comfort with all things psychedelic is yet another requirement to fully digest this cinematic delight. As this lavish production was targeted for the "in" crowd of that bygone era, it is only slightly more alien to the general public today.

If you are "in", this high water mark of the era is an experience not to be missed. A terribly silly affair that is made worse by the sheer weight of wasted talent involved bob the moo 23 August But not THAT James Bond, he is only a mere playboy with gadgets, the real Bond retired years ago but now finds himself approached to come out of retirement to counter the new threat.

With his pure lifestyle and impeccable reputation, SMERSH send an array of lovely ladies after him to sully his image or, if that fails, kill him.

Things get more confusing as many other agents also called James Bond get involved! Some of these have funny moments but generally they are silly beyond being funny and are just daft for the sake of it.

Niven is amusing at times but he does no more than play his usual personae. Sellers is a comic legend but this film has him doing a bad Bond spoof and he struggles even when allowed to ad lib.

Allen is an unusual find here and in fairness he is actually funny because he brings his stand up routine to the role and seems to just be having a laugh as he goes.

The laughs come occasionally but they are too rare and the plot and actual script are not big and not clever. But who needs that?

This film taught me not to take life seriously It prepared me for the essential absurdity of the twentieth century.

Meatfarmer 7 December What a horrible, horrible film!!! At least it must be the worst ever misuse of a great cast: Some bad films actually become tolerable or even funny just because they are so bad.

It is just an embarrassing failure to tell a lame, confused story about a lot of people named James Bond. Kobalt44 15 April But this film simply does not work.

Its attempts at comedic surrealism were in vain. The other Bond films up to the Casino Royale of starring the softly-spoken, Scottish James Bond everyone liked were cleverly satirical and ironic with Sean Connery delivering his lines with his tongue planted firmly in his cheek and a wry smile on his lips.

I have seen Casino Royale probably three times since , including at the pictures during its Australian release back then, and with each viewing it gets worse.

A couple of months of ago it was screened on commercial t. Even for one as nostalgic for the 60s as I am, Casino Royale was too much for one viewer, this one.

A big-name cast doing and saying silly unfunny things with pretty, mini-skirted girls with the Mary Quant look scattered round rural and urban Britain are simply not enough to make a film effective anymore, if they ever were.

Indeed, so averse am I to watching the version of Casino Royale, I am even put off going to see the current version of the film of the same title.

However, I take comfort from the fact that no matter how silly and bad the remade version of Casino Royale may possibly be, it just cannot be as silly and bad as the film made in The music was the best aspect of the entire movie.

Before getting to the actual review of the film, a word of warning: Broccoli and Harry Salzman. Since Feldman had little to no chance against the official series if he was to make a "straight" adaptation of the book, he decided to produce a film that was the exact opposite: Surprisingly, the first ten minutes of exposition sets up a good situation.

M or McTarry, who knows? Most of the film plays out like an extended, recent episode of "Saturday Night Live". Believe it or not, buried within this mess are three things that save the movie from getting a big fat zero.

Finally, the auction scenes are the best in the movie, not that they follow any logical narrative, but because they offered the only chuckles during the entire running time, which is minutes too long.

The only other times that I was laughing was at the ineptness of every other production value. The point of a comedy is to make us laugh, which is what something like the "Scary Movie" films succeed in.

The troubles that plagued the production, including Peter Sellers being fired before he finished shooting and the budget going way out of control, prove how durable the Bond series is, because "Casino Royale" still managed to rake in some money.

Just goes to show how such a misfire like this, along with every criminal mastermind, cannot kill our favorite spy.

The sixties feeling is soothing with the music of Burt Bacharach. It is laugh-out-loud funny every-once in a while.

Especially when Orson Welles a. Time and money has been spent on the backgrounds, they are very elaborate and cool.

See this movie, but remember to set your expectations to the swinging sixties, psychedelic experiment-level. This movie is a spoof yes, but oh so much more than that.

Add the amazing amount of talented major stars and this funny farce leaps lightly along.



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Casino Royale{/ITEM}


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The locations and settings are sumptuous; the film makes very effective use of Budapest scenery to set the mood. The film is beautifully faithful to the original novel - with some changes, i. This is a great horror remake. Produziert von Charles K. The films end with Mina still having the vampire's mark and how that affects is remain a question. He also wants Jonathan's help in turning his colection of paintings, jewels and his gold deposit to cash. Dracula is a major presence in our house along with his relatives the Mummy, the Wolf Man, Frankenstein, zombies, I adore this movie.{/ITEM}


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Casino royale review imdb Although the name is changed, probably to explain Giannini's heavy Italian com.whatsapp, Valenzi is very much Van Helsing if I ever saw fs play. Meanwhile, they are introduced to the promoter of the party, ergebnisse sachsenpokal psychiatrist Dr. But we have seen more than our share of not only Dracula movies but also vampire movies in general, as well as any spiele spielen gratis of play adaptations. But you know what's strange? Even worse than Thomas Kretschmann in Dracula 3D. The multinational cast does take a bit of getting used to, with as many accents as there are actors. Woo hoo it's yet another tired adaptation of the cfd vergleich Dracula mythology with their own personal partnership kosten. It also has great special effects. It dares to be creative with the source material without being outrageous. The film is set in the present day, but by clever and deft scripting allows whole sections to feel as though türkei russland are set during Stoker's time.
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